Norristown PA, Cremation Services

Norristown families choose the low-cost cremation services offered by Philadelphia Cremation Society

If you’re looking for a compassionate and trusted cremation provider for you or your loved one, we’re happy to help! We offer a wide array of cremation services to fit your family’s needs, including:

  • Competitively-priced at-need cremation services
  • Comprehensive veteran’s cremation services in the greater Norristown area
  • Affordable Norristown pre-need cremation planning

Families in Montgomery County have relied on our services for many years. To discuss your family’s cremation needs, give our Philadelphia Cremation Society team a call at (610) 572-7078.

Our experienced and friendly staff are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire cremation process.

At Death

At Philadelphia Cremation Society, we take the time to better understand your expectation and offer affordable, easy-to-arrange immediate need cremation options for your family. When you partner with Philadelphia Cremation Society, we will walk you through the entire Norristown PA cremation process. We’re here to take care of your cremation needs, call us at (610) 572-7078 and let us handle:

  • Completing the cremation permit and death certificate so we can begin the cremation process
  • Arranging transportation of your loved one’s remains
  • Returning your loved one’s cremated remains to you with care

If you have experienced a death in the family, we send our deepest condolences. Having to plan an Norristown immediate need cremation, often comes at a difficult time for a grieving family. Call Philadelphia Cremation Society at (610) 572-7078 for low-cost immediate need cremation services.

Cremation Planning

Are you considering a cremation for yourself? Or, are you looking to pre-planning a cremation with Norristown PA’s most compassionate and trusted cremation provider? At the Philadelphia Cremation Society preplanning your cremation with us gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have:

  • Secured a low-cost cremation service with a reputable and trusted cremation provider
  • Spared your family from the difficult decision-making during their time of loss
  • Communicated your wishes with your family
  • Lowered the financial burden of burial for your family

Philadelphia Cremation Society is here to help with all of your Norristown cremation pre-planning needs. Call (610) 572-7078 today to speak with our friendly staff about pre-need cremation planning.

Veteran Cremation

Navigating the veteran’s cremation process can be difficult to manage as you grieve your loss. We’ll help you provide the best and most fitting service for your loved one. We are happy to answer your questions related to:

  • How to get your loved one’s remains Interred in a National Cemetery
  • Whether your veteran is entitled to military honors for a Norristown veteran’s cremation service
  • How to find out what benefits your veteran is entitled to receive from the VA and Social Security

The Philadelphia Cremation Society are your trusted and friendly cremation experts who can help you through this process, every step of the way. Contact Philadelphia Cremation Society at (610) 572-7078 to arrange your Upper Darby PA veteran’s cremation.

Cremation Costs

Lower your Norristown, PA cremation costs by working directly with the Philadelphia Cremation Society to plan your cremation. As the region’s experts in providing low-cost cremation services to the greater Philadelphia area, we have expertise in providing:

  • Affordable cremation pre-planning options
  • Norristown immediate need and veteran’s cremation services
  • Easy-to-arrange pre-need cremation services

If you’re looking for a welcoming and trusted cremation provider for your loved one or veteran, we’re happy to help! Call Philadelphia Cremation Society at (610) 572-7078 if you’re looking for an affordable cremation provider.