Preplanning cremation offers many benefits, including addressing the financial side of funeral planning. Consider matching end-of-life planning with a cremation insurance policy to address the financial element. Planning ahead offers many benefits — both for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Remove the financial burden at the time of death
  • Control cremation costs
  • Spare your family difficult decisions
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Manage end-of-life planning with low monthly payments

Save Your Loved Ones from Financial Stress

An important benefit of cremation insurance is that it spares your loved ones the financial stress of your passing. Losing a loved one is always difficult. The last thing anyone wants is for the family to be overwhelmed by the financial cost of end-of-life arrangements. When you purchase a cremation insurance policy, you eliminate that source of stress for your family. Wouldn’t you like to them to be taken care of after you’re gone? Call us today to learn more: (610) 572-7078.

Manage Your Cremation Expenses

It is difficult to come up with the money to pay for cremation or other end-of-life services in a lump sum. When you purchase cremation insurance, you pay a small monthly premium to ensure your final expenses are covered. No need to worry about unplanned expenses; cremation insurance takes care of final costs in a manageable way that works with your budget.

Cremation Insurance Allows You to Plan the Final Farewell You Want

Finally, having a good cremation insurance policy enables you and your family to plan the final farewell you want without worrying about the expense. Without cremation insurance, many families are forced to choose direct cremation and forego additional services. With a good cremation policy, your family can plan a funeral, get help with logistics, and get the urn you want – without stressing over every penny.

Alternatives to Cremation Insurance

If you’re preplanning your cremation and feel that you can manage a lump sum payment, you don’t necessarily need a cremation insurance policy. Instead, pre-fund your cremation plan. Keep in mind, though, that when you pre-fund a cremation plan, your family still has to pay other expenses related to cremation when you pass. They may need additional funds for:

  • Death certificates
  • Transporting the remains beyond the service area
  • Coroner’s fees or other death-related costs
  • Publishing an obituary

When you pre-fund your cremation plan instead, don’t forget to plan for these additional costs. Or, pre-fund your cremation plan and acquire a cremation insurance policy to cover additional costs. Call us today to learn more: (610) 572-7078