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Our sympathies for your loss. We are here to help your family through this difficult and emotional time. To plan your Philadelphia area cremation:
How do I arrange cremation services in the Philadelphia area?

  • Call us to schedule the cremation process
  • We discuss your needs and get your information
  • We arrange for someone to pick up your loved one
  • When the paperwork is concluded, we move forward with the cremation
  • Following cremation, we return the cremated remains to the designated family member

Many prefer cremation because of its simplicity and because it’s so easy to arrange. Call us today at (610) 572-7078 to schedule your Philadelphia area cremation services.

Cremation Package I

  • Includes transfer of deceased from a hospital, or coroners office, within the following counties: Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton, Berks.
  • Cremation Arrangements
  • Crematory Fee
  • Basic Urn Upgrade available with your choice of urn
  • Online Memorial
  • Social Security Notification
  • Assistance With Veteran Benefits
  • *Transfer from hospital when the death certificate has been certified. Additional fees may apply for county coroner cremation authorization. Additional fees apply for delivery or shipment costs of cremated remains.

Cremation Package II

  • Full Service Package, No Additional Fees.
  • 24-hour Transfer From Private Residence, Nursing Home, or Hospice Facility*
  • Coroner Fee
  • Cremation Arrangements
  • Online Memorial
  • Assistance With Veteran Benefits
  • Basic Urn Upgrade available with your choice of urn
  • *Shipment or delivery fees for cremated remains not included.

Direct Cremation FAQ

Direct cremation refers to the act of removing the body from the place of death to the crematorium. In direct (or simple) cremation, the body is not embalmed or present at a viewing or funeral. After the cremation takes place, the cremated remains are returned to the family.

Direct cremation providers offer the same type of cremation as funeral homes. However, most direct cremation providers do not have a facility that can be used for funeral services.

Direct cremations make up 38% of all cremations, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Cremation with a memorial service makes up 35% of cremations. A casketed viewing followed by cremation accounts for 27% percent of cremations.

With direct cremation, the family says their goodbyes at the place of death before the body is transferred to the crematorium. Indirect cremation (or traditional cremation) refers to the act of the body being embalmed and displayed at an open-casket viewing before the cremation takes place.

Yes, you can plan for a direct cremation by making arrangements with a direct cremation provider. In addition, some cremation providers offer discounts for prepaid cremation. For more information on planning for direct cremation, fill out this contact form.