Why Choose Cremation?


Cremation services are becoming more and more common every year as families look for alternatives to the high costs associated with traditional burial. More than 40% of Americans choose cremation every year, and that number is growing, because of the wide range of benefits it offers:

  • Cremation offers flexibility in funeral arrangements, memorial services, and the disposition of remains
  • Philadelphia area cremation costs are thousands of dollars less than traditional burial costs
  • Cremation services through the Philadelphia Cremation Society are easy to arrange
  • Cremation in the Philadelphia area is more environmentally sound than burial from a land-use perspective

For many families, a Philadelphia area cremation is simply the right option. Call us at (610) 572-7078 to explore our Philadelphia area cremation services.

Cremation prices in the Philadelphia area are a fraction of the cost of traditional burial, and this is the driving factor that prompts many families to select Philadelphia area cremation services.

At the Philadelphia Cremation Society, we’ve created three packages that feature special reduced pricing to offer the best value in cremation costs. Philadelphia Cremation Society package prices start at just $995. Click here to learn more.

Preplan cremation to lock in today’s prices and avoid potential cremation cost increases in the future. When you choose a prepaid cremation, you can potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars, as end-of-life costs are projected to continue rising in the coming years.

Flexibility is an important factor that prompts some families to plan cremation in the Philadelphia area. You choose:

  • When and where to hold a memorial
  • Whether to have a funeral prior to cremation
  • Where to scatter the ashes or inter the remains

You can even have cremated remains bonded into an object, like cremation jewelry. Or you can create a beautiful memorial garden and inter the remains right in your backyard.

Traditional burial simply can’t match the flexibility of a cremation in the Philadelphia area. Call us at (610) 572-7078 with any questions about services, disposition of remains, or to get help planning your Philadelphia area cremation.

Many families find the funeral planning process daunting in a time of loss. You’re in the grip of strong emotions and feelings of grief, and it can be very difficult to focus on end-of-life details or make important decisions in a time of grief.

When you choose cremation services in the Philadelphia area from a provider like the Philadelphia Cremation Society, all those hard decisions vanish. Simply call us at (610) 572-7078, and we’ll pick up the deceased, process the paperwork, and handle the cremation in our state-of-the-art crematorium.

Call us today to take care of your Philadelphia area immediate need cremation, or to preplan your cremation.