Death Checklist For Philadelphia Families


Coordinating end-of-life services for a departed loved one is a daunting and difficult task. That’s why the Philadelphia Cremation Society has prepared a death checklist to help you focus on what’s important during this difficult time. We’ve outlined the required documents and tasks in this death checklist to help you make your final preparations now and spare family and loved ones the burden of coordinating your ceremony. Use this resource for peace of mind today.

Make Decisions

It’s important that you make your end-of-life plans known, so that your family can carry out your final wishes, confident that your desires are being respected. Start thinking about:

  • What type of service you want
  • How you want you remains to be stored or scattered
  • How you want people to pay tribute (flowers or charitable donations)
  • Who will care for any pets
  • Who will speak at your service

Important Documents Checklist

End-of-life planning requires a host of information and documentation necessary to wind down the departed’s affairs:

  • Who should be notified of your passing
  • The name and executor of your will
  • Information for safe deposit boxes or other physical assets
  • Information for bank and retirement accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, and other accounts that require notification
  • Contact information for newspaper subscriptions, telephone services, and other utilities that require cancellation
  • Notes for or an outline of your obituary
  • Documents preparing the appropriate powers of attorney, if necessary

Creating a checklist for after death isn’t an easy task, but it does take care of an issue so that your family won’t have to do so in a time of grief. In addition to compiling the listed information, it’s a good idea to back everything up somewhere safe from disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes), such as an online or cloud service, just to be careful.

Give your family, and yourself, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs have been settled and your final wishes made known. Call (610) 572-7078 today for more information about making your end-of-life arrangements.