How much do cremation services in Philadelphia cost?

Cremation prices in Philadelphia range from around $1,000 to $2,500 and over, depending on the services selected. At the Philadelphia Cremation Society, we offer several packages that represent the best pricing and value – view our Pricing page for details. We welcome families to contact us to create a custom service – please call us at (610) 572-7078 to discuss your needs and get a price quote for your Philadelphia cremation services.

Can I plan a funeral along with my Philadelphia cremation services?

Selecting a Philadelphia cremation does not prevent you from having a funeral or memorial service along with the cremation. You can have a funeral prior to the cremation, or you can schedule a memorial service at a more convenient time after the cremation is complete. Call us at (610) 572-7078 to talk with us about your needs.

Do veterans get a discount on Philadelphia cremation costs?

The Philadelphia Cremation Society works with families to ensure veterans get all of the benefits for which they qualify, but we do not offer special cremation prices for veterans. However, we do offer several low-cost pricing plans to choose from – visit our Pricing page for more information.

How do I get the Veteran’s death benefit or Social Security benefits when I plan cremation in Philadelphia?

When you plan your cremation with Philadelphia Cremation Society, we’ll help you complete all of the paperwork and applications to get the benefits your veteran is entitled to receive.

If I plan a prepaid cremation, will there be any additional costs later?

When you preplan cremation and prepay for cremation services, you lock in today’s cremation rates. Changes to cremation prices in Philadelphia do not affect people who have prepaid. However, other expenses associated with death, such as certified copies of death certificates, county coroner fees, fees to publish obituaries and fees for additional services are not included in prepaid cremation packages and will be billed separately.

Additionally, when you prepay cremation fees, you are locking in the price of cremation, and not the cost of additional services including a funeral or memorial service. Any additional services at the time of death are subject to their costs at the time offered.

Is embalming required in a Philadelphia cremation?

Embalming is not required if you choose cremation services. However, if you want to delay cremation for a funeral or public visitation, embalming may be required. Call us at (610) 572-7078 to discuss your schedule and determine whether embalming is right for your cremation plan.

Do you offer cremation caskets?

A cremation container is not required, but you can purchase a cremation container or cremation casket if you prefer.

Where can I get an urn?

We offer a selection of urns for your Philadelphia cremation that you can purchase in-house at Philadelphia Cremation Society.

How do I get the remains after cremation in Philadelphia?

After the cremation, you have several options to get your loved one’s remains:

  • Pick up the remains at our facility
  • We can ship the remains to you
  • Plan a scattering of ashes service
  • Inter the remains in a columbarium, memorial park, or cemetery

Depending on the option you choose, these services may incur additional fees.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered?

If you have any other questions, or want additional details about any of our services, please call us at (610) 572-7078, or complete our online form to inquire by email.