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Kasandra Mentzer

Meet Your Director of Family Services

After spending several years serving families in cemetery services, Kasandra joined our team as the Director of Family Services in 2023. She is an expert in advanced planning for cremation and is a trusted resource for all families and individuals looking to ensure their pre-planning wishes are honored.

Pre Planned Packages

The Philadelphia Cremation Society was begun as a recognition of the growing want and need for cremation services in the Delaware Valley and greater Philadelphia areas. Cremation is respectful and a more ecologically responsible choice when compared to traditional burial. The compassionate staff and professionals at the Philadelphia Cremation Society are expert in providing you and your family the peace of mind they need at the exact time they need it most. Work with the Philadelphia Cremation Society today in preplanning your Philadelphia cremation.


starting at $2,495

Everything included in Gold PLUS
  • Returning from your legal residence if passing occurs more than 75 miles
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starting at $1,695

  • Transfer of loved one into our care
  • Consultation with family
  • Confirmation of obituary notice (Newspaper fees are extra)

  • Online Memorial

  • Automotive equipment

  • Crematory process

  • Necessary authorizations to cremate

  • Refrigeration for 48 hours

  • TSA Approved black plastic container

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starting at $2,045

Everything included in Silver PLUS
  • Unlimited refrigeration
  • $350 Urn Allowance
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Cremation, it should be noted, is not a replacement for a funeral. Cremation is a more rapid return of the human form to its base state. Your funeral and memorial options are actually increased when you opt for cremation over traditional burial.

Unlike with traditional burial, there is a practically infinite amount of time to make arrangements for the memorial of you or your loved one. The freedom provided by a cremation allows for more friends and family to attend and pay their final respects.

Final disposition of the cremated remains also provides a wealth of options, including burial, columbaria interment, land or sea scattering service, and several other interesting and unique memorial opportunities. If you have questions or if you are ready to begin preplanning your Philadelphia cremation today, contact the expert staff at the Philadelphia Cremation Society.


There are many factors that have attributed to the growing acceptance and popularity of cremation. Society has undergone a significant shift in thought over the previous few decades. By 2025, it is estimated that greater than 50 percent of individuals will have included cremation in their end-of-life planning.

The dignity of cremation has been affirmed many times over as more and more religions publicly pronounce their acceptance of the practice. Cremation provides your family with a respectful service that is typically also a far better value over a traditional burial. Unlike with the other, cremation does not require the purchase of a decorative coffin, burial plot, headstone, and other required costs and services.

If you are ready to learn how preplanning your Philadelphia cremation can provide peace of mind to your family and control over your finances, contact the Philadelphia Cremation Society today.


Cremation planning allows you to record your end-of-life preferences, including the type of cremation service you would like to have following your death.

If you prefer a simple cremation, contact a direct cremation provider in your area to learn about prepaying for services. Then, following your death, your family will contact the cremation provider to complete the process.

The death of a loved one is devastating for families. Those who preplan and prepay for end-of-life services relieve their families of having to make difficult decisions at the time of death.

Prepaying also saves money in two ways. First, the family doesn’t feel pressured to overspend on end-of-life services because their family member had already clarified their preferences. Also, prepaying allows you to lock in current rates.

Yes, there is a benefit to paying for cremation services in advance. You can lock in the current rates and select services that are important to you.

There are two ways to prepay for cremation services. First, you can purchase cremation insurance, which allows you to pay a small monthly premium to ensure your final expenses are covered. You can also pay for cremation services in one lump sum – however, there may be a few additional expenses for your family to cover at the time of your death with this option.

Prepaying for end-of-life services is a good decision. Family members sometimes struggle with funeral decisions after their loved one is gone. Prepaying for your services allows you to lock in current rates and keeps your family from arguing about the type of service you would have wanted.

Yes, some direct cremation providers offer cremation insurance. You can pay for your end-of-life expenses with a small monthly premium, so your family doesn’t have to worry about a financial burden at the end of your life.