Veteran Cremation Services

The veterans of our country enjoy a special place of honor in our lives, and the Philadelphia Cremation Society is proud to see that veterans get the honor they deserve in death.

The veteran’s benefits that apply to each family vary depending on:

  • The veteran’s specific service
  • Length of service
  • Disability resulting from service
  • Whether the veteran died at a qualified VA facility
  • The type of Philadelphia cremation or funeral service selected

At the Philadelphia Cremation Society, we’ll help you file for any veteran’s benefits or Social Security benefits that may apply to your family and your veteran’s cremation. In addition to financial benefits, veterans may be eligible for military honors consisting of:

  • A flag
  • Interment in a national cemetery – including cremation interment
  • An honor guard at interment, when available

When you work with us to plan a veteran’s cremation in Philadelphia, we’ll advocate for you to receive every benefit to which your veteran is entitled.

Let us help your family lock in the lowest Philadelphia cremation costs for your veteran by planning ahead for your cremation services. Call us at (610) 572-7078 to discuss government benefits and end-of-life-solutions, or to plan for your immediate need veteran’s cremation.