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14 01, 2022

Cremation Ashes Ideas: Where to Put Ashes of Loved Ones


End-of-life decisions are extremely personal. If your loved one didn’t leave a plan behind giving details on what to do with cremation ashes, you might be struggling to decide the permanent resting place for your loved one’s remains.

Please allow us to help. Here are some cremation ash ideas – some you may have considered and others that might be new to you.

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15 11, 2021

The Crematory Process: Behind The Scenes of Cremation


Not every person is strong enough to face their mortality (or the mortality of a loved one). We understand. The cremation process, funeral planning, and end-of-life choices aren’t something that you’ll probably bring up at your next dinner party.

But the problem is that everyone reading this article will die at some point. Unfortunately, many die without leaving behind an end-of-life plan. We want to help you by giving you a gentle description of the crematory process. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision regarding your (or a loved one’s) method of disposition.

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20 09, 2021

Tree Cremation: Planting a Tree with Human Ashes


There are many benefits in choosing cremation over burial. For starters, direct cremation is less expensive than burial. Also, cremation services are easy to arrange, and families like how cremation offers greater flexibility when planning an end-of-life service. 

For example, some families choose to have a tree cremation service to honor their loved ones. A tree cremation service involves planting a tree with ashes. This can be planned in addition to a more formal funeral or can act as a stand-alone service. 

Tree Cremation: Planting a Tree with Human Ashes2021-09-20T20:00:19+00:00
24 08, 2021

How to Open a Cremation Urn: Step-By-Step


If your family member didn’t leave behind an end-of-life plan, you might not know what to do with their remains. You may have received a sealed urn from the Cremation Society of Philadelphia and set it aside while you pondered all of your options.

After researching and considering everything you can do with a person’s cremated remains, perhaps you have decided to divide the remains among loved ones, scatter the ashes at a significant location, or commission a piece of glasswork using a small portion of the cremation ashes.

All of these options require that you open your loved one’s urn. Here are some tips for having to complete this process.

How to Open a Cremation Urn: Step-By-Step2021-08-24T15:59:37+00:00
18 08, 2021

Funeral Options When Your Loved One is Cremated


Cremation has grown in popularity in the U.S. over the last several decades. Families are discovering that there are many benefits to this method of disposition.

One of the benefits is that cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial. This especially appeals to those who are pre-planning their own cremation.

Another benefit that is sometimes overlooked is that cremation opens up a wide variety of funeral options. Some still have a traditional funeral for their loved ones (including an open-casket visitation followed by the cremation). Still, others use the opportunity to say goodbye differently. Families may choose to have their loved one’s services months after the death, or they may select a venue that would not have been appropriate or feasible for a traditional funeral.

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3 05, 2021

Choosing a Cremation Service Provider in Philadelphia


If you live in Philadelphia and have already chosen cremation as your preferred method of disposition for yourself or your loved one, your next step is to select a cremation services provider. While you can certainly wait for your loved one’s death to choose a cremation service, there are many benefits of planning ahead.

Planning ahead provides peace of mind for all involved. When you make prior arrangements, everyone can be informed on who to contact when the time of death occurs. Planning ahead also encourages individuals to make better-informed decisions. Instead of feeling rushed into a choice at the time of your loved one’s death, you can instead carefully select a cremation provider based on reputation and price.

Choosing a Cremation Service Provider in Philadelphia2021-08-18T17:55:06+00:00
5 03, 2021

What You Need to Know About the Cremation Process


More Americans are choosing cremation over burial, but there are still people who have qualms about the process. In an effort to educate our readers, we would like to help you learn about the cremation process. Here are some things you need to know.

Once the body is in the hands of the staff at the Cremation Society of Philadelphia, great care is given to maintain the body’s identification. We have a strict protocol in place to ensure that your loved one’s body is identified through the entire part of the process.

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