You may have heard of direct cremation and know it is the most affordable option for end-of-life services. However, you may not understand how to arrange for a low-cost cremation. We’ll tell you how.

Arranging Pre-Need Cremation Services

You may consider making prior arrangements for your loved one’s cremation if death is imminent. This will keep you from scrambling to find a cremation provider the moment your loved one passes.

You may consider reaching out to an area funeral home for direct cremation. However, if you know that you will not have an open-casket viewing because your loved one wishes to be cremated immediately, consider reaching out to a direct cremation provider in your area.

Direct cremation providers provide the same caring service you would receive from a funeral home at a lower cost.

There are two different ways you can approach a pre-need cremation package:

  1. Some choose to purchase cremation insurance, which allows you to pay a small monthly premium until the final expenses are covered.
  2. You can also pay for cremation services in one lump sum – however, there may be a few additional expenses for the family to cover at the time of death with this option.

Once you have formed a relationship with a cremation provider, they will give you information on who to contact at the moment of death. You will be thankful for this simple process because it will enable you to focus on your grief when death occurs.

Arranging Immediate Need Cremation Services

Sometimes death is unexpected. Unfortunately, people reeling from an unexpected loss sometimes struggle to make prudent financial decisions. This is understandable, as no one wants to shop around for funeral services when they are shocked by a death.

Some people, in their grief, decide that money is no object. So they pay for a cremation casket and elaborate floral arrangements – even though their loved one probably would have wanted a simpler service.

If your loved one unexpectedly died, have a close friend call a direct cremation provider in your area on your behalf. You don’t have to spend much money on your loved one’s funeral to show you care.

Also, it’s worth noting that even though direct cremation providers may not have a chapel, they will help you with the paperwork associated with death – including filling out the forms for the death certificate.

Direct Cremation FAQs

You may be new to funeral planning. Or maybe your family has always relied on a local funeral home, and you are new to the idea of a “simple cremation.” Here are some answers to questions you may have for the crematory staff.

Can I have a memorial service (or funeral service) for my loved one if they were directly cremated?

Yes, you can have a memorial service or funeral service for your family member if they were cremated soon after death. Many people do. You can choose to have the cremated remains present in an urn. Some families use the service as an opportunity to place the ashes in their eternal resting place.

How will I receive my loved one’s cremated remains from the cremation provider?

The cremated remains (sometimes called “ashes” or “cremains”)  are often placed in a plastic bag and then inside a sturdy cardboard box. You may also purchase an urn and request that the remains are placed inside the container you provide.

Cremains typically weigh four to eight pounds, plus the weight of the container.

Important Points to Remember About Cremation

  • The most cost-effective end-of-life service can often be found from local direct cremation providers.
  • You can pre-arrange for direct cremation services by purchasing a package from a provider in your area.
  • Families can purchase affordable, simple cremation services even if the death was unexpected.
  • Direct cremation providers perform some of the same services as funeral homes. For example, the staff will help you complete the forms required for death certificates. Some will also help you arrange graveside services if you wish to bury the remains or entomb them in a columbium niche.

Philadelphia Cremation Society Offers Direct Cremation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

For simple, affordable pre-need or immediate-need direct cremation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, contact the Philadelphia Cremation Society. Philadelphia Cremation Society offers low-cost cremation starting at $995. Our compassionate team is ready to serve your family – any time, day or night. Simply call or fill out the contact form on our website.