Cremation cost in Pennsylvania can be as low as $995 – if you select the right cremation provider. However, is it ok to purchase cremation services based on cost? Keep reading for a frank discussion of cremation costs and funeral expenses.

Types of Cremation Services

Before we discuss the types of cremation services, it’s essential that you understand that the cremation process is the same – regardless of the provider. Only one deceased body is ever placed in the crematory at a time, and the cremated remains look the same – irrespective of the certified crematory operators who complete the process. 

However, the cost of cremation can vary greatly, depending on the company that completes the process. Here’s what you need to know about the types of cremation services. We’ll rank them from the most expensive to the most affordable.

Traditional Cremation

Funeral homes in Pennsylvania have different names for cremation packages. For example, when researching funeral costs, you might find a package labeled “traditional cremation.”

With this service, the deceased is embalmed and prepared for an in-casket viewing. Following the viewing (visitation/wake), and a traditional funeral, the body is cremated. The cremated remains are later given to the family members – who can keep the remains or place them in a permanent resting place.

Cremation Followed by Memorial Service

Your local funeral home may have a package that allows you to have a memorial service at their facility with the cremation urn present. This type of package is typically cheaper because the body doesn’t have to be embalmed or prepared for viewing.

However, when you work with a traditional funeral home, part of your fees cover the overhead for maintaining the facility. If you have a memorial or funeral service at the facility, you will pay more for cremation because you use their space and staff.

Direct Cremation

If you are concerned about affordable cremation costs, search for direct cremation services in Pennsylvania. Direct cremation is offered by traditional funeral homes and direct cremation providers. During direct cremation, the body is removed from the place of death to the crematorium.

After the waiting period and required paperwork is completed, the body is cremated. Finally, the ashes or cremated remains are returned to the family.

cremation services

Because traditional funeral homes offer additional services and have to pay to maintain a building for public use, they have to charge more for a simple cremation than other providers offering only cremation services.

Can I Still Have a Service For My Loved One If I Choose Direct Cremation?

Yes, you can still have memorial services for those directly cremated. Some families choose to have services in their place of worship, while others may have an outdoor gathering – or a service at the gravesite or columbaria. 

Choosing cremation has little to do with the type of service you plan for your loved one. In fact, it opens up more possibilities for service locations if you don’t have a casketed body present.

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Looking For a Simple Cremation Plan? Here’s What You Need to Know

  • The cremation process is the same – regardless of the provider. 
  • Funeral home cremation packages are usually more expensive than direct cremation providers because they have to pay for the upkeep of the building and grounds.
  • Direct cremation is an affordable option for those seeking a simple cremation plan.