Cremation has steadily gained against burial in the last decade and continues to increase in popularity around the country – a fact the Huffington Post has recently recognized. The news site posted a cremation infographic that perfectly illustrates why cremation tops burial in a number of states.

Cremation is making a big impact everywhere, including Pennsylvania. The state had a 37.7 percent cremation rate in 2011, and that rate is expected to rise to 45.6 percent in 2016, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). In Nevada, Florida, and other states, the rate is as high as 70 percent and continues to climb.

Here are a few key data points depicted in the infographic:

  • The cremation rate for North America in 2012 was 43.5 percent. The projected rate for 2017 is 49.1 percent.
  • Nevada has the highest cremation rate (74 percent), and Mississippi has the lowest rate (16.9 percent).
  • One third of families choose to scatter ashes; another third choose to bury ashes; and the last third choose to keep them in an urn.
  • People get creative with cremated remains: Some choose to have their ashes made into diamond rings, vinyl records, or fireworks.

The maps clearly show that cremation rates are the highest on the east and west coasts, including Florida, but it’s surprising to see just how popular cremation is inland. From the Midwest to the Southwest, cremation rates have significantly increased over the last four years. Nevada currently has the highest rate in the U.S., and Arizona, Michigan, and several other states are not far behind.

HuffPo points out how demographic and economic factors are driving more people to embrace cremation as an end-of-life option, including the low cost of cremation when compared to burial and changing attitudes toward the practice.

More Time on Our Side

What else is rising along with cremation rates? Our life expectancy rate. According to an OECD report cited by HuffPo, Americans are living eight years longer than they did just a generation ago. This is great news for us, but it doesn’t mean we’re immortal. We also rank high in obesity and health care spending compared to the rest of the world. As Americans, we are simultaneously conscious of health risks and other factors that shorten our life spans and optimistic about the future.

Perhaps this is why many more people are choosing to plan for their deaths and aftercare ahead of time. Some families begin planning end-of-life arrangements only after a loved one has died, but many choose to plan their own end-of-life arrangements. Philadelphia Cremation Society knows that an end-of-life plan offers many benefits and helps individuals plan cremation ahead of time to secure low costs and peace of mind.

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Source: Huffington Post