As cremation becomes a more common choice, families are looking for new and creative ways to memorialize loved ones and dispose of remains. One growing trend in end-of-life memorialization is cremation jewelry. As more people offer this unique take on disposing of cremated remains, families have a wider variety of options for creating cremation jewelry.

Cremains Set in Clear Jewelry

One new entry into this field is Close By Me Jewelry, a company that mixes a small amount of cremains with a clear substance and then molds it into keepsakes. This offering is different because you never know what color the jewelry will be before it’s made. Gina Murphy, who created the patent-pending process, says: “The color ranges from a light beige to black. A recent one was burgundy.” The mixture is set into sterling silver to create rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, or charms.

Cremation Jewelry that Holds Cremated Remains

A different category of cremation jewelry is the type of jewelry designed to hold cremated remains. This jewelry may be shaped in a variety of ways; some styles look like a locket, while others simply resemble a stylized cylinder on a chain. This type of cremation jewelry is designed so that it opens, and families are able to insert cremated remains into a cavity in the jewelry. Cremation jewelry that holds cremated remains primarily comes in necklace form, although there are rings made in this style, too.

Memorial Gems and Diamonds

For families who want a different approach, one growing niche is companies that turn cremated remains into diamonds and other gems. These gems integrate small amounts of cremated remains – or, in some cases, locks of hair – into the process of synthesizing the diamonds. Unlike other techniques, though, it’s not immediately apparent when looking at the jewelry that it is cremation jewelry or that it contains cremated remains. This type of cremation jewelry is a good option for families who want a subtle option, but still want to keep loved ones nearby and memorialize them through beautiful jewelry.

Cremated Remains Set in Glass Objects

Another recent entry into this space is a company called Artful Ashes – they make cremation keepsakes rather than cremation jewelry. Artful Ashes partnered with a local glass blower to create custom hand-blown glass hearts or globes with a loved one’s ashes swirled throughout. The keepsakes are approximately the size and weight of a paperweight, but they make a beautiful way to memorialize lost loved ones. Families can make multiple keepsakes so that everyone can have one to remember the loved one; each keepsake requires roughly a tablespoon of cremated remains.

As cremation rates continue to grow, the availability and variety of cremation jewelry will also continue to grow. Families who want a unique way to memorialize a lost loved one and keep him or her nearby may find that cremation jewelry is the perfect option.