As cremation has grown in popularity so too have a host of cremation-related trends. As we embark on 2024, here are the top cremation trends that can give you a unique way to memorialize your loved one.

Scattering Parties. Following a cremation, the most common question is often, “what do you do with your loved one’s ashes?” The growing trend is to have a scattering party or event tied to released your loved one’s ashes. Detailed cremation instructions and release requests are becoming a common part of wills, to help guide loved ones on what to do post-cremation. Perhaps your loved one had a passion for sailing, or enjoyed hiking on a specific trail. Scattering events have taken a life of their own and are a great way to celebrate your loved one, often in their favorite place as you memorialize their life.

Water Cremations. With the new California law making this procedure legal, water cremation may quickly become a common occurrence. As opposed to traditional, flame-based cremations, water cremations are much better for the environment and simulate natural body decay processes. Plus, the ashes produced are much lighter and less likely to be mixed with harmful pollutants since the remains were not burned at extreme temperatures.

Creating Precious Jewels. For over a decade, you have been able to transform your loved one’s ashes into jewelry. But, with advancements in technology, the price point is much lower and the process can be done much faster than before. More and more people from across the globe are sending their loved one’s ashes to be pressed into diamonds that can then be set into jewelry as a family heirloom of sorts. The alluring thing about this process is that every diamond made is truly unique and can come in a wide range of colors.

Make Painted Art with Ashes. Another growing trend in the art community is to use cremated ashes to create masterful art pieces. In some instances, a loved ones remains can be mixed with paint to be used to produce a self portrait of the deceased. Cremated ashes have also been used in sculpting materials to create unique vases and home items that can be given to family members. The key is to find a qualified and experienced artist who is comfortable with working with cremated ashes and knows how to treat this material with respect. The type of art that can be produced can be absolutely breaktaking and can be an incredible way to honor your loved one.

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