Please accept our condolences if you recently lost a loved one. Even if the death was expected, it’s hard to say goodbye to those we love.

Even though death and grief are different for everyone, you may have a lot of thoughts rushing through your mind as you think about what comes next – especially if the deceased did not make their final wishes known. You might think about contacting a local cemetery or funeral home. However, your previous experience with the local funeral provider in your area may cause you to worry about the financial burden that a big funeral bill would cause.

Consider direct cremation services.

One affordable option that you should consider is direct cremation. The direct cremation process is beautifully simple. The family simply contacts a cremation provider in your area to remove the body from the place of death to the crematory. After the cremation takes place, the cremated remains are returned to the family.

This highly-affordable cremation option has many benefits. Besides being one of the most affordable cremation services, it also gives you more flexibility when planning the memorial service for your loved one. For example, you can wait for a time when it is most convenient for your extended family and friends to gather for a funeral service. Then, you can plan those services in a meaningful location other than a funeral home.

How to find affordable cremation services.

If you think direct cremation is right for your situation because you wish to save money and take some time to plan the funeral services, search for direct cremation services in your local area.

You may notice several funeral homes at the top of your search. While most funeral homes offer cremation packages, these cremation providers still have to charge enough to cover the overhead for their facilities.

If you are looking for low cost cremation services, consider looking for a cremation services provider that offers a practical and straightforward end-of-life solution. With one call, these professionals will arrive at the medical facility or home where the death occurred. They will gather the necessary information to produce the death certificate, and the body will be cremated immediately. Then, later, the family members will receive the cremated remains in a thick plastic box.

While cremation costs are important to consider when choosing a direct cremation provider, you also want to find a company known for providing compassionate services. Check the online reviews to see how others describe the experience with the company.

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If someone has died, contact the Philadelphia Cremation Society. We also offer pre-planning cremation services.