There is no other time in our lives when we encounter such physical and emotional stress than when a loved one has recently passed. The gravity of the grieving process is compounded by the immediacy of obligation to honor their final wishes.

Cremation in Philadelphia has long been gaining acceptance for final needs. In fact, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), by 2025 over 55 percent of individuals will choose cremation for their end-of-life planning. However, selecting cremation is the beginning of the decision making process.


Many individuals who wish to be cremated also want a traditional funeral service that offers visitation hours. Depending on the timing, embalming may be necessary. Alternatively, families choose a memorial service following cremation. The memorial service takes place at any time, often weeks or months following death when it is convenient for families to gather.

A direct cremation is the best option for a family that does not prefer visitation or funeral service. Because visitation, funeral services, embalming, and memorial services are not included, direct cremation is the most affordable funeral option. Both cremation and direct cremation are much more affordable than a traditional burial.


At this very difficult time it is important to know that both you and your loved one are treated with dignity and respect. The Philadelphia Cremation Society, serving the entire state of Pennsylvania, provides low cost direct cremations or cremation with other services. Working exclusively with a trusted full service funeral provider helps you get through this difficult time with sensitivity and grace. Funeral arrangers’ time-tested experience ensures the final wishes of your loved one are delivered seamlessly.

Should you require assistance or have any questions regarding a Philadelphia, PA cremation or funeral, contact the Philadelphia Cremation Society any time, night or day, at (610) 572-7078.