More Philadelphians are choosing cremation over burial due to the lower cost, convenience, and environmental benefits cremation provides. In fact, the Cremation Association of North America listed Pennsylvania as one of the Top 10 States for Cremation Growth. While the funeral industry has been plagued in the past by ambiguous costs and price gouging, the new wave of affordable cremation is lowering Philadelphia cremation costs and making services more transparent.

Burial vs. Cremation Costs

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost for a funeral in 2012 was more than $7,000, and more than $8,000 for a funeral with a vault. In contrast, cremation costs a fraction of the price of burial because many burial-related fees are eliminated.

What’s Included in the Cost?

Factors contributing to funeral or burial costs include: a casket, burial plot, headstone or grave marker, embalming fees, funeral service fees, and burial fees.

Factors contributing to cremation costs include: transportation of the body to the cremation facility, cremation arrangements, crematory fee, urn, and scattering service fees.

Philadelphia Cremation Plans

Philadelphia cremation plans are affordable for many families and individuals requiring end-of-life services. A direct cremation, which omits the viewing service, is a simple, dignified plan that offers the best value. Philadelphia cremation costs range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand – much lower than the average burial cost in the area.

Philadelphia Cremation Society currently offers three cremation packages; the most affordable is only $995. Additional fees apply for transferring the deceased from outside of Philadelphia County or from a private residence, county coroner fee where applicable, and certified copies of the death certificate.

Even as costs remain low, basic cremation services offer Philadelphia residents a dignified way to remember their loved ones. Families may opt to pair direct cremation with post-cremation memorials. Scatterings and burials at sea are a popular choice for honoring a loved one. Biodegradable urns (like tree planters) and keepsake urns (like diamonds made of pressed ashes) also offer unique ways to keep precious memories alive.