There are many benefits in choosing cremation over burial. For starters, direct cremation is less expensive than burial. Also, cremation services are easy to arrange, and families like how cremation offers greater flexibility when planning an end-of-life service. 

For example, some families choose to have a tree cremation service to honor their loved ones. A tree cremation service involves planting a tree with ashes. This can be planned in addition to a more formal funeral or can act as a stand-alone service. 

If this type of service appeals to you, keep reading. There are things you need to know before planting a memorial tree with ashes. 

What You Need to Know About Planting a Cremation Tree

We know that planting a tree with human ashes sounds like the most natural thing in the world. The act may remind you of the phrase, “ashes to ashes; dust to dust.” However, it’s critical that you understand what you are doing before buying a tree sapling and digging a hole.

planting a memorial tree with ashes

Human ashes don’t always make appropriate fertilizer for trees.

Each person’s cremated remains are chemically unique, although they are mainly composed of phosphates, calcium, potassium, and sodium. While these are all “natural” elements, this concentrated form may hurt a tree rather than help it. 

Consider using a tiny bit of cremation ashes when you plant the tree.

Your tree burial ashes service can still take place. However, instead of placing all of the cremated remains around the tree’s root ball, sprinkle in a small amount. Then spread the rest of the cremated remains over a large area using a scattering urn.

tree urns for ashes

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Use a tree urn or cremation pods while planting the tree.

There are several tree urns for ashes on the market that can be used for tree cremation ceremonies. One such product is The Living Urn

The Living Urn is easy to use. First, the cremated remains are placed inside the biodegradable urn along with a soil mixture and an ash-neutralizing agent that helps “counteract the chemical properties of cremated remains to produce a balanced growing environment.” Then, a tree sapling of your choice is placed inside the urn before being buried in the ground. 

There are other similar products to The Living Urn. For example, search for “cremation tree pods,” “cremation tree kit,” or “burial urn tree” to find other similar products.

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