When a family chooses cremation for a loved one, it necessitates the question: What will we do with the remains? What you do with the remains plays a key role in the type of urn that is right for your family. Different urns are designed with different purposes in mind, so choose an urn that is appropriate for the final disposition that you have in mind.

Scattering Urn
Families choose scattering urns as inexpensive, temporary urns to house cremated remains for a short time between the cremation itself and scattering the remains. Scattering urns are typically inexpensive urns, and they often lack embellishment as they’re only intended as a temporary means to house the remains.

Eco-Friendly Urn
An eco-friendly urn or biodegradable urn is an urn that is designed to break down quickly and easily after being buried in the earth. These urns are typically constructed from unbleached, pressed cotton, and may include a biodegradable bag to hold the remains.

Urn for Water Scattering
Families who intend to do a scattering at sea or other type of water scattering may want an urn specifically designed for water scattering. This type of urn will typically float briefly before sinking and biodegrading. Some eco-friendly or biodegradable urns are also suitable for water scattering, although families may opt for a water-specific urn to achieve the desired floating effect at the scattering ceremony.

Keepsake Urn
A keepsake urn is a small urn that contains only a small portion of cremated remains. Families who want to distribute the remains to multiple loved ones may choose keepsake urns, with each loved one gettung a small amount of remains to remember their lost family member or friend. Keepsake urns have the advantage of being lightweight and easily carried.

Decorative Urn
Decorative urns come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Families typically choose decorative urns if they intend to display the urn in a prominent location, such as on the mantle or in the living room. Decorative urns may be made from wood, marble, or metal, and come in a variety of shapes and styles – from religious to secular, and even custom novelty urns to memorialize a loved one who had a special hobby or unique personality.

Garden Urn
A garden urn is a type of urn that is designed for outdoor interment. It’s constructed of more durable materials that are intended to withstand a wide array of weather conditions. A family might put an outdoor urn in a beautiful garden setting – maybe with a memorial bench where loved ones can sit and visit with the deceased. Alternately, an outdoor cremation urn might be suitable for cemetery interment.

Ultimately, families who choose cremation have a wide variety of options when it comes to urns to hold cremated remains. The key to finding the right urn is to select the urn best suited for the type of final disposition that the family intends to utilize. Once a type of urn is selected, families can think about whether they want something religious or secular, a novelty urn or an urn to honor military service – or something else entirely.