At the Philadelphia Cremation Society, we see the friends and family of those who are recently deceased at their most vulnerable. The grief of the loss, paired with the need to plan a memorial befitting the live that was lived, can be difficult and painful to navigate. Too many people incorrectly correlate the amount that they will spend on the memorial, cremation, and service for their loved one as an expression of the love they have for them. Too many remark, as they spend more than perhaps they are able, that it is the best last thing they will be able to do for the one they love. This is just a fact of grief.

To be clear, there is no amount of money that will ever equal the love, fondness, and admiration you hold for your loved one. They knew this in life. This is why the Philadelphia Cremation Society places more importance on crafting the memorial, cremation, and service that speaks to the life and personality of your loved one rather than presenting perhaps unnecessary and expensive add-on items and services that won’t accurately represent who your loved one was. 

We recently saw some excellent advice about a month ago on that helps you, as a consumer of funeral and/or cremation services, to focus on the important things when planning a service for a recently deceased loved one. Among the best points were:

  • Slow Down – While many decisions must be made in a timely manner, don’t put yourself into a panic mode where purchase decisions can be made quickly and rashly. 
  • Set A Budget – “…if your budget is $800, there is no shame in that,” says Josh Slocum, executive director of the Funeral Consumers Alliance. The most important thing is to set your budget ahead of time, taking into account both your emotional and financial needs.
  • Spend Wisely – Regardless of your budget, there are varying funeral costs, even within your own community. Take the time to purchase goods and services because as Slocum points out, “the amount of love and genuineness of your grief is the same.”

There is no reason to feel that your grief allowed you to feel victimized in the process of planning a memorial and/or cremation service. The Philadelphia Cremation Society works with our families in order to plan the most suitable service that reflects the unique life of the one you loved. If you are in need of immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call us at any time of the night or day.