We know this headline may shock some of you who weren’t aware that cremation jewelry was even a thing. However, one way to memorialize your dad, grandmother, or beloved dog is to create a piece of memorial jewelry using their cremains. Keep reading to learn how to turn cremains into jewelry.

What Are Cremains?

The word “cremains” is a shortened version of “cremated remains.” Cremains are what’s left over after the cremation process. Even though these remains have commonly been referred to as “cremation ashes,” they have a coarse sand-like quality that looks nothing like ash. This is because “cremation ash” is really finely processed bone. 

This process is critical to note for two reasons. First, when you receive your loved one’s cremated ashes, you are receiving part of their physical body. Second, cremains contain carbon, which can be used to create gemstones or diamonds.

Types of Cremation Jewelry

cremation jewelry

There are three main categories of cremation jewelry

You can purchase a piece of urn jewelry to hold ashes of your loved one. Urn jewelry is built with a tiny receptacle to keep a small portion of cremation ashes. Some look like little urns or vials – often hanging from a necklace. Other pieces have receptacles hidden within the design of the piece of jewelry. You can find rings, earrings, bracelets, keychains, etc., designed to carry a small amount of cremation remains. 

Another type of cremation jewelry is made using the carbon from the cremated remains. Companies specializing in this type of cremation jewelry use a technique to extract the carbon from the ash and use that carbon to grow a diamond or a gemstone. The gemstone can be used to design a piece of keepsake jewelry. 

Finally, you can commission an artist to swirl a tiny portion of the cremated remains into colored glass. Although most of these pieces of art are larger keepsakes that you could display in your home, you can find an artist to create a small pendant to hang on a necklace. This glass jewelry can act as a beautiful reminder of your loved one.

A Few Other Things About Memorial Jewelry 

Memorial jewelry (or mourning jewelry) comes in a wide range of styles and price ranges. You can create pieces using sterling silver, silver, gold, or other precious metals – or buy an affordable cremation urn necklace to honor your loved one.

Growing a cremation diamond out of your loved one’s ashes is the most expensive option. It also takes several months to produce the diamond.

Another thing to note about cremation jewelry is that only a small pinch of ashes is needed for this type of jewelry. Family members can divide ashes and still have some remaining for scattering, burial, or inurnment in a columbarium niche or mausoleum.

Finally, even if your loved one did not choose cremation, you may still be able to have a piece of memorial jewelry created. The carbon found in your loved one’s hair can be used to grow a diamond. 

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Key Takeaways About Keepsake Jewelry

  • Cremation jewelry can hold cremated remains or be made using the carbon from cremated remains.
  • Cremation jewelry comes in a wide range of styles and price ranges. 
  • Only a tiny amount of cremains is needed for all types of cremation jewelry.