Did your loved one share that they wished to be cremated upon death? If so, you will have a less difficult time than many families when planning their end-of-life services. After all, knowing the preferred method of disposition is a major part of the planning process.

Additionally, if you are making your own final arrangements, you may be looking for affordable cremation services for after you are gone. One benefit of planning ahead for such eventualities is that you feel no qualms about trying to save money on the process. Unfortunately, sometimes families left to make arrangements after their loved ones have died aren’t as vigilant at shopping around to find low-price cremation options.

If your family member made it clear that they preferred cremation over burial (or you are pre-planning your services), consider reaching out to a cremation society in your area for direct cremation services. Let’s learn about cremation societies and direct cremation so you can determine if this is the right cremation service for your situation.

Cremation societies simplify the process.

Cremation societies typically offer direct cremation. During this process, family members contact the cremation provider immediately following the death. The staff transports the body from the place of death to the crematory. After the cremation process is performed, the cremated remains (or ashes) are returned to the family in an urn or other sturdy receptacle. The family can then plan the memorial service on their own or seek the help of the providers to help plan a graveside service.

One benefit of this method of disposition is its beautiful simplicity. It is the perfect choice for families who know their loved one’s final wishes or those who wish to prepay for services.

Cremation societies offer low-cost cremation services.

Direct cremation is the least expensive of all the funeral and cremation services, and it is considered a green cremation option. It reduces transportation costs, and there’s no need for embalming, an expensive casket, or other costs that coincide with a traditional service. Choosing affordable funeral services may allow families to spend their resources on other items to honor the deceased.

Utilizing a cremation society broadens the service options.

Some people prefer a traditional funeral service in a funeral home or church. However, you can still have a church funeral or memorial service for your loved one following direct cremation. Or, you can choose an alternate site, like a beautiful outdoor setting or your loved one’s home.

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